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Tetley tea in a basket

React to new trends in tea

THERE’S just no separating UK consumers from their cuppas.  Whether it’s the first thing in the morning or to help unwind at the end of a long day at work, there are plenty of tea variants to suit all consumer needs.
Tetley promotional packs

Sharing a cuppa

Consumers can help to show loved ones they care through Tetley’s new on-pack promotion.
Tetley Lemon Herbal

Don’t get left behind on herbal

CONVENIENCE retailers could be missing out on a valuable and growing segment of the tea category. Parminder Walia, category development manager at Tata Consumer Products,...

PMPs for tea

Tightening household budgets mean value for money has become “increasingly important” to shoppers, making PMPs a powerful tool for driving tea sales
Tetley original tea

Striking the right balance

Fruit and herbal going well, but black is still king

Work from home and health focus key trends

Working from home is the new normal for most office workers across the UK, so it should perhaps come as no surprise that tea sales are soaring
Good Earth tea

California tea brewing

Tata, the firm behind Tetley, has brought an American tea brand across the Atlantic, targeting 25-34 year old consumers.
dog on sofa behind tetley

NPD is brewing good in stores

IT should come as no surprise to hear that after tap water, tea has been found to be the nation’s most-beloved beverage.
Tetley cold infusions

A convenient cold infusion

Tetley has launched a new clip strip in a bid to help convenience retailers get in on the cold infusion action.

Infused with benefits

Tea has been consumed for health and performance benefits for centuries .
New Tetley Marvel Green tea in PMP £1.49

Facelift for two packs of Tetley

TETLEY Green teas and Tetley Supers have a new look
tetley Decad PMP 80s pack £2.60

Black tea still king of convenience

TEA shoppers are valuable to retailers. Whether it’s a black tea or a more exotic blend, customers picking up tea in convenience offer plenty of opportunities to increase basket spend.
Tetley cold infusion range

Cold fusions taking over the tea aisle

Tetley NPD brings innovation to the category

Research supports tea to go

Tetley reckons having a clean, fuss-free hot beverage is crucial to retailers who want to fully capitalise on the breakfast-to-go market .
Tetley Decaf

The new black

While standard black tea is in decline, other varieties are seeing potential for growth
Tetley price marked pack

Show prices with caution

PRICE-marked packs add transparency, which gives shoppers reassurance that they are being offered value