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People pick from an open pack of Mr Porky pork scratchings with darts on the table and drinks around their hands, text reads "Mr. Porky sponsors Darts on Sky Sports".

Tayto Group hits a bullseye in darts sponsorship on Sky Sports

Tayto Group has hit a bullseye in its latest marketing campaign as its pork snacks brands are set to sponsor darts coverage on Sky Sports until January.
Golden Wonder is opening up the spice trend further with its latest £1 PMP launch – Chilli & Lime Transform-A-Snack.

Golden Wonder spices up snack aisles

Tayto Group is helping retailers gain impulse snacking sales for the big night in with its on-trend Chilli & Lime flavour for its Transform-A-Snack brand.

Mr Porky is on the Tube

Pork scratchings brand Mr. Porky has kicked off a new social and YouTube campaign, highlighting the versatility of the brand to suit different nights in or out.
Retailers can help consumers to keep their guests happy during the barbecue with savour snacks, says Tayto Group.

Fire up extra BBQ season sales

Savoury snacks firm Tayto Group and salad brand Florette have both been highlighting how convenience retailers can make the most of link-up sales during the barbecue season.
Retailers can scratch up some extra sales with key link-up offers across snacking, says Tayto.

Mr Porky can deliver a protein fix

Pork snacks can suit a number of shopper missions – from consumers wanting to bring a taste of the pub to their home to gym goers seeking a protein boost, reckons Tayto.
Tayto Group has supported the Golden Wonder £1 PMP format by expanding the range.

Value reigns in snacks, says Golden Wonder

Tayto Group believes its Golden Wonder £1 PMP sharing bag range is ideal for driving sales as consumers seek to save money with nights in.
The Golden Wonder brand is expanding its £1 PMP range.

Golden Wonder grows its £1 PMP range

The Tayto Group reckons it will help build profits across the snacking aisle in the new year with the launches in its Golden Wonder £1 PMP range.

Golden Wonder bets on big packs

The Tayto Group is set to capitalise on the cold winter nights in with new additions to its sharing range of Golden Wonder £1 PMPs.
Single pack PMPs could be the way forward to growing impulse sales in stores, says Tayto.

Make most of Golden Wonder times

Tayto Group reckons c-store retailers can drive sales by stocking its PMP offerings that will appeal to consumers seeking value when socialising at home.

Golden Wonder banks on the value of PMPs

Tayto Group aims to bring value to consumers' snacking needs with its range of £1 PMP sharing pack options including some new launches.

Golden Wonder unveils a Mega sales opportunity

Tayto has launched two new Mega additions to the Golden Wonder £1 PMP line up in a bid to further drive sales of the format across convenience stores.

Tayto banks on the price point in convenience

The Tayto Group remains committed to delivering more punch per crunch with PMP packs of its crisps remaining set at £1 for sharing packs.

Beast of a promotion on Golden Wonder packs

The Tayto Group's new promotion across Golden Wonder Transform-A-Snack offers consumers the chance to Transform their holiday destination this year.

Tayto’s valued choice

Crisps giant Tayto has kept its PMP range of Golden Wonder sharing packs set at £1 in the face of rising inflation to help support convenience retailers.
Three sizes of Golden Wonder Barbecue Strikers crisp bags

Proper sharing pack kicks off for Tayto

Tayto is set to keep the sharing occasion a popular one for end-of-year celebrations with a new addition to its line-up.

Insights from the shop floor

Tayto strategy built on retailer knowledge