Value reigns in snacks, says Golden Wonder

PMP formats make consumers’ nights in more affordable, claims crisps giant

Tayto Group has supported the Golden Wonder £1 PMP format by expanding the range.
Tayto Group has supported the Golden Wonder £1 PMP format by expanding the range.

HOLIDAY booking and January sales over-spending could see a growing number of  consumers more cautious in their shopping this month.

That means plenty will be trading a night on the town for the comfort of the couch and, with the way the weather has been lately in Scotland, this could be a very attractive prospect for plenty of shoppers.

What better way is there to enjoy these nights than with bags of snacks that won’t break the bank? And that’s exactly what Tayto Group aims to offer with its Golden Wonder £1 PMP range.

Matt Smith, marketing director at Tayto Group, said: “Value for money is now the third most important reason for snacks purchase – after flavour and quality – with over 90% agreeing value for money is important.

“However, convenience customers worry that they will pay more for shopping locally and PMPs give them confidence that they are not being ripped off.

“That’s why PMPs have increased to 76% of snacks sales and 57% of independent retailers believe that PMP snacks are more important ever as they are a proven way to demonstrate great value.”

It’s with this in mind that Tayto Group has been supporting its £1 PMP sharing bag range over the past 12 months, with new flavour additions to appeal to the breadth of consumer preference that now exists.

During the course of 2023, Tayto added flavours including Golden Wonder Spring Onion and Chip Shop Curry to the range, building on the classic crisp flavours.

But it hasn’t just been about the taste when it comes to these expansions, as texture has clearly been something the snacks firm has considered in its new offerings.

As such, Tayto Group added the likes of Pickled Bikers as well as the Mega Rings range, which includes both Onion Rings and Spicy Rings variants.

And it’s these £1 PMP packs that remain key assets in any c-store retailers’ arsenal, as Circana Market data found that PMPs made up almost 80% of all packs sold in Scotland’s symbols and independents in the 12 weeks to 6 January.

This also highlights the importance of the format during seasonal opportunities and, with upcoming social events such as Valentine’s Day, Easter and sports competitions including the Six Nations, these packs could be important for trading during the first quarter of 2024.

Smith said: “Having surveyed both retailers and consumers, it was clear how important the £1 price-point is to both groups.

“Independent retailers can really come into their own, where they can offer great value for money.

“Instead of raising the headline price of our £1 PMPs, we have given retailers and customers what they want – and kept with the £1 price point – to demonstrate our commitment to delivering great consumer value while offering strong retailer margins.”