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Tag: summer drinks

Skwishee gears up for Bring Your Own Cup day

Frozen fizzy drinks brand Skwishee has announced the return of its Bring Your Own Cup Day for the summer for Saturday 29 July.
Red Bull reckons having the right range will ensure a shop's energy drinks section is ready to meet summer demands.

Build up energy drinks for summer, says Red Bull

Energy drinks giant Red Bull offers advice to convenience retailers on how to ensure shoppers can easily get what they want in the category.
Summertime exercise routines can drive up sales of sports drinks, reckons Boost.

Boost sales with sports drinks

As people take to exercising in the sunshine, sports drinks can do well for c-store retailers – as long as they take into account the desire for value and taste, says Boost Drinks.

Products meeting consumer desires

Three companies have been busy identifying gaps in the market and are consequently pushing new products that they reckon consumers will love.

Two cider brands say cheers to summer

Cider brands Brothers and Westons have each come up with different ways to get consumers in the mood for the summer months ahead.

Liquid route to seasonal sales

As families all over Scotland prepare for their summer breaks it’s time to find out what the country’s beer, wines, spirits and soft drinks...

Getting the beers in

TAKING the party outside has become a regular summer pastime for many Scots and Budweiser is hoping its special barbecue packs will put it...

Craft jumps 45%

Seasonal sales uplift predicted by capital gin CRAFT products and small-batch production are becoming important in many parts of the drinks industry. Edinburgh-based Spencerfield Spirit...

Bursting on to the scene

ENERGY drinks fans are looking for more flavour says Al Gunn of Boost Drinks. And he reckons Boost’s new Cherry Burst will give independent retailers...
Irn Bru

Adapt to summer

Soft drinks sales patterns change significantly in the warmer months says Scottish brands giant SOFT drinks are worth £802m in Scotland and the category grew...

Hip hop sparklers

NICKI Minaj’s chart topping moscato drink has landed in the UK. The singer co-owns MYX Fusions Moscato and featured the product in the video for...

Squash brand back on TV

FAMILY fun has been put at the heart of the current Robinsons TV advertising campaign. Using the tagline “They grow up fast, play thirsty”, the...

Moving to the white stuff

WINE shoppers have different habits from those in other categories, buying less frequently and spending more when they do according to the company behind...

Innocent launches fizzies

FRUIT juice and smoothy brand Innocent has added sparkling drinks to its range. Innocent Bubbles is available in Tropical flavour or Lemon, Lime & Apple. Managing...
Coca-Cola Enterprises

Don’t miss out on grown-ups

GUESTS choosing to have a soft drink instead of wine or beer at a summer barbecue helped grow the adult soft drinks market by...

Working the liquid assets

HERE comes summer and it’s going to be a good one, in some ways at least. Scottish Grocer would never try to predict the weather,...