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Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Cigarillos selling well

PERFORMANCE in the cigar category may be fairly static, but the cigarillos segment is posting solid growth, according STG UK.

Cigars wrapped in flag

Scandinavian Tobacco Group UK has launched a new limited-edition pack for its Henri Wintermans Half Corona cigars

Cigar released at the double

SCANDINAVIAN Tobacco Group has launched a new dual filter cigarillo.
Henri Wintermans, Moments 10 and Signature cigar packets

Keeping an open mind

THE rise of vaping has, if nothing else, proved that consumers are willing to experiment when it comes to their nicotine products

Café Crème renamed

STG UK has overhauled its Café Crème cigar brand by giving it a new name

Celebrating the season

STG on the festive cigar opportunity

New website to help boost sales

Help site offers advice on cigar retailing .