Moment is right for a revamp

Moments cigars

STG UK is rejuvenating its entire Moments range with an eye-catching design.

The firm says it brings added personality to the brand and starts a shift from the ‘value, yet quality’ to ‘value and quality’ message.

The modern pack design can be seen now on Moments Blue and Moments Original, with Moments Panatella following in May.

The new packets feature a bigger, simplified logo and fresher colour scheme with the wisp of smoke extended.

STG UK says this will all increase shelf stand-out and particularly appeal to those younger adult smokers who enjoy the brand. The cigars inside each pack will remain unchanged.

Moments Blue has been the fastest-growing value-for-money cigar in the UK and is well-known among tobacco-selling retailers as a popular choice with customers who are looking to save money.

Marketing manager Nataly Scarpetta said: “Historically, Moments has under-traded in the convenience channel. We’d really encourage retailers who don’t stock it to consider doing so, as many customers will be looking to trade down.”