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Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Tag: Fanta


Fangtastic competition

CONSUMERS could walk away from the soft drinks chiller with a spooky prize this Halloween, thanks to the latest Fanta on-pack promotion.

Mystery flavour for Fanta

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is piquing the curiosity of consumers with the release of a mystery flavour
3 Bottles of Fanta rasberry

Raspberry tipple

THE Fanta family has grown with the addition of Fanta Raspberry zero sugar.

A big campaign for the beautiful game

CCEP launches on-pack football promotion .

C-stores thrive on last minute

Retailers can target impulsive socialising .

Appealing to Hallowteens

Engaging with younger generations is crucial during Halloween, says CCEP
child drinking soft drink

Soft drinks levy live

Reformulation takes sting out of the sugar tax

Showing bottle for fright night

Identifying Halloween as the third-largest spending occasion of the year, Coca-Cola Enterprises has launched a special Fanta pack for the period. Pumpkin lanterns feature across 2-litre...

Spooky snack attack

LEADING soft drinks, cakes, snacks and biscuit producers are intensifying launch and marketing activity on Halloween-themed products in an attempt to boost sales during...

The price of confidence – PMP’s

IT seems hard to imagine but there was a time when price-marked packs were few and far between in c-stores. In the days before...

Food matching – Soft drinks for nights-in

SOCIAL occasions with friends and family provide the perfect opportunity for retailers to drive extra sales of food and drink meant for sharing, such...

Soft drinks giant launches 2013 PMP drive

CCE has started the year with a price-marking push covering many of its biggest brands: Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Powerade, Oasis and Ocean...