Good times minus alcohol

Franklin & Sons infused soda

LONG celebrated by shops and pubs as the perfect time to pick up alcohol sales, Christmas will not be a boozy affair for everyone this year.

With health becoming increasingly important to more and more consumers, particularly younger adults, it may be a good idea for c-stores to expand their premium soft drinks range.

Rosie Crossman, brand manager at Franklin & Sons said: ‘With 25% of under 25s not consuming alcohol in the UK, Franklin & Sons offers the perfect solution for those not drinking at Christmas – a range of non-alcoholic infused sodas.

“An extension to the core soft drink range, they create the perfect occasion for the non-alcohol moment.”

Crossman said Franklin & Sons’ range of Infused Sodas takes its inspiration from craft distillers.

The range comes in three flavours: Guava & Persian Lime with Root Ginger, Pineapple & Aromatic Cardamom with Cracked Cubeb Pepper, and Pomegranate & Floral Hibiscus with Delicate Rose.

Franklin & Sons guava lime soda