Crisps stuffed full of flavour

TURKEY and Christmas go together like Bonnie and Clyde, so it seems fitting that for its latest limited edition, Burt’s Chips chose a classic Roast Turkey & Stuffing flavour.

Available in a 150g bag that is targeted at sharing occasions, the packs combine premium, thick-cut crisps with the familiar festive flavour of stuffing and turkey.

They are also gluten free and seasoned with natural flavours to create an authentic taste.

Burts Chips’ sales and marketing director, Simon Knight, said: “We’re excited to introduce the limited-edition Roast Turkey & Stuffing flavour crisps to the Burts range this Christmas.

“At Burts, we have always been committed to developing and creating new, innovative snacks such as these. Our Roast Turkey & Stuffing flavour crisps are a fantastic option for any retailer looking to maximise sales through festive products this Christmas.”

The 150g bags come with an RRP of £2.19.