Dry shampoo a £2m Miracle


P&G is launching its first collection of dry shampoos.

The new range, available now across Aussie, Pantene and Herbal Essences, is supported by a £2m marketing campaign in print, digital media, billboard and TV.
The launch promises dry shampoos that provide “instant hair refresh with virtually no visible residue”.
Aussie’s Miracle Dry Shampoo range contains Jojoba seed extract, which indigenous Australians used as a natural hair conditioner and skin healer. The Herbal Essences dry shampoos come in a range of herbal scents, while Pantene’s-formula with Panthenol helps to smooth and straighten hair.
Helen Johnson, haircare brand manager at P&G, said: “Having a dry shampoo across each of these three brands not only allows us to bring dry shampoo to a whole new group of shoppers, but also to give our loyal Aussie, Herbal and Pantene consumers access to this sub-category.”