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PG tips biodegradable pack

Going green with tea packaging

The PG Tips range is now entirely plant based, complete with biodegradable tea bags and wrapless boxes across its portfolio.
PG Tips heart and cups

Good to talk with PG Tips

PG Tips is trying to bring people together as part of the biggest campaign for the brand in half a decade.
PG nondairy blend

Eco-friendly tea bags

Unilever, the firm behind PG Tips, has been improving its sustainability credentials in a bid to better meet the demands of today’s consumer.

Sustainability in the spotlight

Shoppers increasingly looking for eco credentials .
PG Tips

Specialist diets at heart of PG tips NPD

THEY aren’t monkeying around when it comes to NPD at PG tips, with two new alternative variants joining the Unilever owned brand’s line-up.

Opportunity a speciality

ALTHOUGH there has been a decline in sales of everyday black tea there are areas of growth within tea and the big brand owners...

Will tea’s grey pound count?

TEA, it’s an ever-present part of Scottish and British life. But, commercially, mainstream tea has found things tough in recent times. Never the most expensive...
PG Tips

Tea for new

PG Tips has been given a new look in a bid, says brand owner Unilver, to stand out on the shelf and attract younger...
PG Tips

PG tips spice up life

JUICY, Zesty, Fragrant and Vibrant. No, the Spice Girls haven’t reformed again. PG TipsInstead Unilever brand PG Tips has launched a range of fruit and...
PG Tips

Youngsters rack up the cuppas

JUST what is the youth of today up to? Apparently many of them are drinking tea ... more often than not while they are...

Specials up in tough market

THE UK tea market is showing no overall growth despite an upturn in sales of specialist lines such as green tea and decaf products,...

Green tea lovers to benefit

TEA brand PG Tips wants its consumers to put something back, by composting or recycling their teabags. And to encourage them the brand has teamed...