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Tag: Halewood Wines & Spirits

Dead Mans Fingers Raspberry

Having fun with rum

Halloween is not just for kids and, with this year’s occasion falling on a Saturday, there’s a real opportunity to drive sales in the off trade.

Biggest gin yet

The gin category has been rapidly growing over the last few years and now the bottles are getting bigger too .

Making malt to meet demand

Firing up two new whisky distilleries

Striking up a rum deal

DRINKS distributor Halewood Wines & Spirits is bringing a taste of Costa Rica to the UK through a deal with Centenario Internacional Rum.

Be a top wine seller

A suppliers’ guide for convenience retailers
Starting early: the summer sales boost starts in May and can last until October.

Setting up for the summer

Firms make their thoughts known
Penny in sugar

Sugar levy is not too taxing

THE big day is almost here. From 6 April soft drinks with more than 5g of sugar per 100ml – which translates to 16.5g for a 330ml can - will be subject to a sugar tax.
Straw Hat wine range

Dreaming of a wine Christmas

THERE are few categories to compare with wine when it comes to consumers’ willingness to experiment and try something new
Halewood Smithevans sparkling

Seeking some seasonal sparkle

CONVENIENCE stores have an important role to play in the Christmas season, especially where wine is concerned.

A strong summer

Wine suppliers weigh in with some trends for the season WINE can be confusing business, but it’s undoubtedly a summer hit and one worth stocking. To...

Don’t rain on the parade

Firms reckon off-sales will go well this summer IT’S a bit of a cliché to say the Scottish summer is unpredictable, but it’s a cliché...
Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Yes they can

HALEWOOD Wines & Spirits has launched a new pack in its Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer range, in a bid, the firm says, to...
Halewood Wines & Spirits

Added twist

INDEPENDENT drinks company Halewood Wines & Spirits has added a raspberry mojito variety to its Caribbean Twist range. It has also made all of...