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Tag: GEEK Bar

a man vapes outdoors

Online help to inform retailers

New online platform VapeWatch helps vaping traders keep on the right side of the law.
Geek Bars

New Bar for vaping

DISPOSABLE vape brand Geek Bar has launched a new range of vapes.
Geek Bar S600

Revamp for disposables

Geek Bar has revamped one of its vape ranges as part of wider plans to increase its market share in the UK.
The UKVIA has teamed with Smoke Free to encourage smokers to switch to vapes.

Call to do more on illicit trade

Geek Bar has urged Trading Standards services across the UK to do more to tackle rogue traders selling illicit disposable vapes.
Geek Bar new packaging

Packs to fight the illicit trade

Disposable vape brand Geek Bar has launched new packaging aimed at combatting counterfeit and non vaping products.

Tackling fake vapes

ALL Geek Bar products are to include leaflets detailing anti-counterfeit measures.

Geek bar adds new 10mg range

VAPE brand Geek Bar has launched a new range of 10mg disposable vapes, in a variety of flavours.
Retailers can verify the authenticity of Geek Bar products online.

Crackdown on illegal sale

GEEK Bar has taken swift action in its condemnation of the supply and sale of non-compliant and counterfeit disposable vape products.