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Keeps getting better

Carlsberg has overhauled its flagship Danish Pilsner beer with a series of ‘betterments’ that are designed to improve the consumer drinking experience .

Scots cutting out alcohol

More than half of consumers in Scotland are actively trying to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink

Carlsberg’s story behind the slogan

The firm plans to highlight its community work

A canny solution

Danish brewery launches new six pack in bid to tackle plastic waste

Danish flavoured festivals

CARLSBERG joined music company Live Nation to add a Scandinavian flavour to festivals throughout the UK this summer.

Brewery marks 170th birthday

CARLSBERG has been celebrating 170 years of brewing with a one-week long birthday bash, taking to the streets of Copenhagen.

A big birthday for Carlsberg

Carlsberg takes 170th anniversary celebrations to the streets NEXT week marks the start of a 170 hour celebration of beer as Carlsberg takes to the...

Carlsberg goes Mads

Carlsberg has sprinkled some Hollywood stardust over its core brands as part of a £15m marketing campaign aimed at revitalising its Carlsberg and Carlsberg...

Brewer spends big on campaign

Going Mads for Carlsberg CARLSBERG UK will sprinkle some Hollywood stardust over its core brands this month as part of a £15 million integrated marketing...

Danish by design

CARLSBERG has launched a new limited-edition packaging for its 3.8% ABV beer, inspired by the simplicity of Danish design. Called ‘The København Collection’, the launch...

Adding heritage to the label

DANISH beer brand Carlsberg is relaunching its Export variety in February with a £15m campaign. Redesigned packaging is being introduced to reflect the brand’s Danish...

New York brewer signs UK deal

CARLSBERG UK has announced it is to handle the exclusive distribution of the Brooklyn Brewery beer portfolio in the UK, following agreement to transfer...

Time to get the beers in

BIG nights in, especially sports-related big nights in mean beer to many shoppers. It will be important to have the main Scottish market leaders...

Year of haves and have nots

Dominated by trends like low-sugar, low-alcohol and gluten-free, 2015 was a year when what products didn’t contain became almost as important as what they...

Top-up takes a lead

IN the lead up and throughout the Christmas period, shoppers often look for items to create a special at-home occasion and are more likely...

Beer makes over the barber visit

Beer shampoo has been around for a while but the whole barber shop experience is shown like never before in the latest screen advert from...