Keeps getting better

CARLSBERG has overhauled its flagship Danish Pilsner beer with a series of ‘betterments’ that are designed to improve the consumer drinking experience.

These involve a new ZerO cap on bottles that is designed to remove oxygen, preserving the freshness and life of the beer.

The new bottles also come as part of the brewing giant’s wider movement to reduce its environmental impact: including the ‘Greener Green’ ink in bottle labels and outer packaging to improve recyclability.

Liam Newton, vice president of marketing for Carlsberg UK said: “Some of the most popular and recognisable beers, like Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, will continue to represent the biggest segment in UK beer in five years’ time and therefore remains crucial to the health of the beer category overall.

“In recent years we have reinvigorated our premium Carlsberg Export and we’re now committed to enhancing every aspect of the Carlsberg Danish Pilsner drinking experience, ultimately encouraging the trade and beer drinkers to re-appraise our brand.”

The new Carlsberg Danish Pilsner will be supported by a multi-million pound investment, as well as a marketing campaign that includes TV, digital and out-of-home.

The advertising campaign will launch next month.