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The new Alpen Delight bars come in six different flavours.

Market news | Alpen, Pepsi Max, Pizza Express, Giffard Liqueurs

Scottish Grocer showcases some new products that convenience store retailers might want to consider stocking to drive up sales.
Ready Brek

A healthy start to the day

HEALTHY options should be at the heart of any breakfast offer, according to Darryl Burgess, head of sales for Weetabix. Burgess said health will come...

It’s goat to be up and Alpen

Muesli brand Alpen is celebrating its 50th birthday on TV

Lighter start to the day

Weetabix Food Company has expanded its Alpen cereal bar range, offering consumers a lighter way to start their day
Alpen Chocolate

Sweet like chocolate

Muesli brand Alpen has launched a new chocolate flavour.

DIY muesli

Cereal firm Alpen has launched a new Alpen Create range
Alpen Light bar

Light addition

ALPEN has launched a new variant to its range of Light cereal bars – Salted Caramel.
Alpen boxes

Scaling the muesli range

ALPEN is embarking on an NPD adventure straight out the gate in 2018

Porridge proves hot and hotter

It’s a complicated time in the breakfast market. Many people skip breakfast entirely but others have been turning back to the early morning meal...