MHouse urges retailers to invest in tech

Planning ahead can pay off now, says EPOS provider

Faisal Sattar says the MHouse MPos system is designed to assist c-store retailers.
Faisal Sattar says the MHouse MPos system is designed to assist c-store retailers.

LONG-TERM solutions can continue to aid in finances when it comes to payment tech, even if it means a hit to the shop wallet at first.

There will be a lot of reluctance to introduce fresh tech into stores at the moment as energy prices rise again and every new month seems to bring another financial woe to contend with.

But a savvy approach to tech management will make all the difference for convenience stores across Scotland, helping to aid the shopping experience for customers and improving the sales for retailers.

That’s the take from Faisal Sattar, chief operating officer at MHouse, whose industry-leading EPOS systems continue to prove to be the ideal fit for plenty of retailers in the convenience sector.

Sattar said: “For retailers hesitant about introducing new tech solutions due to economic challenges, my advice is to focus on technologies that offer clear, long-term financial benefits that enhance customers experience, improve operational efficiency and provide valuable insights for decision-making.

“For a c-store retailer in particular, investing in tech like EPOS systems, mobile payment options or inventory management software can streamline operations, boost sales through improved customer service and reduce costs by minimising inefficiencies and waste, leading to significant long-term savings and increased profitability.”

MHouse’s own MPos system is a clear winner for plenty of convenience stores in Scotland. Recent tie-ups with the likes of Snappy Shopper to help manage the ever-expanding demands of convenience retail, as well as Amberstone Security’s Veesion software, allow for greater peace of mind for retailers in store.

Ultimately though, the tech needs to work in favour of the customer as well, something that Sattar prides the MPos system on.

He said: “Retailers should ask themselves, ‘How does this app or payment tech enhance the customer experience, integrate with existing systems, and provide actionable data insights?’ They should ensure the right investment by aligning the tech solution with their specific business needs, customer preferences and scalability requirements.

“With regards to payment tech, retailers who make use of the MHouse Payment platform will get the lowest rates without eating into their margins as well as the fastest payment technology to speed up customer checkout times.”

And with MHouse, retailers can be guaranteed a long-term solution for their store as the firm continues to innovate in the field by embracing current tech of the new age in retail, all with the express interest of benefiting the store.

Sattar said: “MHouse is developing an innovative AI-powered reporting dashboard that will be designed to help retailers to better analyse their data more efficiently.

“This will enable them to make more informed decisions in their store to help optimise their operations and enhance the customers shopping experience.

“We also have our Cloud MPos system and headoffice system which we are ramping up development on this year.”