Puffing up for Puft

Hula Hoops puft poster

KP Snacks has revealed a new £1 million investment into its Hula Hoops brand to drive awareness of its Hula Hoops Puft variant, which is compliant with HFSS regulations.

The ‘Hula Licious, Hula Lightful’ campaign launched at the beginning of the month and is set to run for a total six months across radio, video on demand and out of home media channels.

Coming in at 72 calories per pack, KP said Hula Hoops Puft offers consumers a healthier option for snacking across the day, which the firm reckons its new campaign will help to illustrate.

KP said the campaign will help to increase the brand’s penetration growth, which Nielsen research found had risen by 23% in the 24 weeks to 5 November 2022.

In addition to this, KP hopes the campaign will further push awareness of the Puft brand following a packaging refresh in 2022.

John McDougall, brand manager at KP Snacks, said: “Daytime snacking is on the rise and shoppers will be increasingly seeking out more permissible options, with the beginning of the year representing a key period for healthier snacking, and Hula Hoops Puft is perfectly positioned as a tasty and low-calorie snack.”