PMP solutions for snack times

KP Snacks and Rose Marketing highlight importance of price-marked packs

Retailers should match the PMP offer to different demands across shoppers varied missions.
Retailers should match the PMP offer to different demands across shoppers varied missions, says KP Snacks.

MAKING the most out of your store’s PMP snacks section means offering a variety of options to suit consumers’ different shopping missions.

That’s the take from KP Snacks, which notes that retailers should not only consider the flavours of PMP snacks in stock, but the format and price of packs should be thought about as well.

Matt Collins, trading director at KP Snacks, said: “KP Snacks is delivering PMP SKUs to suit all budgets and occasions.

“Large PMPs are growing in value at 38.3% in crisps, snacks and nuts (CSN) and KP Snacks’ large PMPs hold a 41.9% share of the segment.

“McCoy’s and Hula Hoops large PMPs are outgrowing the category at 27.7% and 44.8% respectively.

“Where large format PMPs are the ideal choice for bigger eat and hunger-fill missions, smaller format PMPs offer great value and are an excellent option for daytime snacking and ‘tide me over’ occasions.”

With this in mind, KP recently expanded on its £1.25 PMP McCoy’s Epic Eats line in January to include two new flavours Chip Shop Curry Sauce and Bangin’ BBQ.

The new Epic Eats flavours aims to capitalise on the strength of the £1.25 PMP format according to KP which Nielsen data found grew by 27.8% in total value in the year to 20 November 2023.

Collins said: “Since launching earlier in 2023, McCoy’s Epic Eats has performed strongly, driving brand penetration and exciting consumers.

“We are committed to supporting our retailer partners with big, innovative flavours that are delivered in the right format to drive sales.”

And to showcase this support through the Epic Eats range, KP has launched a new retailer giveaway worth £30k.

Retailers are in with the chance to win one of 100 £300 wholesale credit prizes when they buy a case of both the new McCoy’s Epic Eats flavours in the £1.25 PMP format from participating wholesaler depots.

John McDougall, McCoy’s brand manager, said: “Since its launch, McCoy’s Epic Eats has driven brand and category growth, with its bold flavour profile generating strong consumer appeal.

“We are delighted to be continuing to support the Epic Eats range with new retailer incentives and continued media support, helping to bolster brand penetration and awareness.”

Rose Marketing plays to the sweet-toothed

Rose Marketing has expanded its range of Candy Castle Crew PMPs.
Rose Marketing has expanded its range of Candy Castle Crew PMPs.

CONFECTIONERY firm Rose Marketing has expanded on its range of Candy Castle Crew Gummy 90g PMP bags.

All priced on-pack at £1, the new additions to the range include Rainbow Belts, Rainbow Pencils, Assorted Pencils, Fizzy Worms, Fizzy Blue Bears and Bubblegum Bottles.

Rose Marketing reckons these new additions will appeal to the current market in the convenience sector as more consumers seek better value.

Steven Watt, managing director at Rose Marketing, said: “In the landscape of convenience retail, it’s crucial to stay attuned to the latest pack sizes and formats that resonate with consumers.

“In recent times, sharing bags have emerged as a clear frontrunner, demonstrating a remarkable 30% year-over-year increase in sales. Among these, the £1 price-marked bags have gained prominence.

“Shoppers, while acknowledging the affordability of sweets, continue to seek value in their purchases. Notably, Tango Bon Bons have outshone their counterparts, boasting an impressive growth rate of 71% year-on-year.”