Takis rocks the dragon in a new flavour

Spicy snack brand Takis lands in Aldi with a new flavour

Social media sensation Takis has launched a spicy new variant exclusive to Aldi stores as it brings its Dragon Sweet Chill flavour to the UK for the first time.

SNACKING sensation Takis has launched a third SKU in its range with its new Dragon Sweet Chilli variant.

Currently stocked as an exclusive Aldi SpecialBuy, the new Takis Dragon Sweet Chilli aims to build on the massively popular snack. And with Aldi stocking it as an exclusive SpecialBuy, the limited run of the product is set to generate plenty of excitement.

This marks the first time the Takis Dragon Sweet Chilli variant has made its way to UK stores as well after having launched in the US in summer 2023.

Takis Dragon Sweet Chilli comes in a 180g bag with an RRP of £3.49.

Each crisp and crunchy bite of the new rolled tortilla chips is filled with a spicy sweet chilli flavour combination which have been marked as ‘Hot’ on the Takis Heat Meter making them an intense hot snack ideal for the spice seeking consumers.

The launch is set to be supported with a wide-reaching marketing campaign across social media channels including earned and paid-for influencer content to help reach the Takis’ core audience of Gen Z shoppers.

Becky Allan, marketing manager at Takis, said: “Intense snacks are key to capturing the attention of impulse shoppers, and the ‘need for Heat’ is showing no signs of stopping, as 33% of snackers are looking to explore new intense flavours in the category.

“This launch is an opportunity to bring Gen Z back to the snacking aisle for more, as well as drive first-time consideration amongst Aldi shoppers.

“Creating a sense of exclusivity and rarity is key to encouraging conversation around the snacking market.

“Capitalising on the sales success of our first Volcano and Fuego SpecialBuys in 2023 by recreating the sales mechanic felt like the perfect move to launch Takis Dragon Sweet Chilli to the UK.”