World of Sweets’ icey innovation

Wholesale sweets distributor expands its frozen range

World of Sweets gears up the frozen treat occasion ahead of the spring and summer with the latest addition to its range of freezable products.

WORLD of Sweets, leading UK confectionery distributor, has grown its range of freezables with two new additions.

Coming ahead of the spring and summer months, the new launches at World of Sweets includes a new Paw Patrol Ice Pops as well as a new addition to the Barratt Ice Duos range with Warheads Extreme Sour Snap-Ice products.

Boasting a range of popular flavours with recognisable brands on packs, the new frozen treats should appeal to children of all ages this summer, with the Paw Patrol brand in particular a favourite among preschool children.

The Paw Patrol Freeze Pops come in Cola, Raspberry, Tutti Frutti and Watermelon flavours with no artificial colours or flavours and contain fruit juices.

Meanwhile the Warheads Sour Snap-Ice products marks the latest addition to the Barratt Ice Duos with extreme sour flavours of Green Apple, Watermelon, Black Cherry and Blue Raspberry.

The wider Barrat Ice-Duos range has seen a degree of popularity since its launch in 2022 as well, marking it as the only ice lolly to be commended in the Ice Cream and Ice Lolly category at the Quality Food Awards 2022.

They are also available in popular Barratt sweets flavours including Fruit Salad & Dip Dabs Ice Duos or Refreshers & Wham Ice Duos.

Kathryn Hague, head of marketing at World of Sweets, said: “With spring and summer on the way, now’s the time for grocers, independent retailers and convenience stores to think about the products they’re going to stock to meet demand.

“Our range of freezables cover every age group, from pre-school children and toddlers with Paw Patrol freezables, to confectionery fans of all ages with the Barratt range.

“The added bonus is that many can be sold as multipacks for customers to freeze at home, or as singles frozen and ready to enjoy from the store.

“These low cost items will please those looking for a tasty treat at very affordable prices.”