Conveniently healthy bites

Bear NibblesCONVENIENCE has become a huge factor in snacking and people are looking for products that are both healthy and tasty, says Giles Brook, founding partner of Bear Nibbles.
“Mintel’s 2015 Consumer Snacking report highlighted the growth of the snacking trend, with one in 10 consumers snacking three times a day or more,” he said.
“Bear Nibbles has capitalised on this growth with a range of products that are not only healthy, but convenient too.”
The Bear range includes Bear Paws, bite-sized baked fruit pieces at 55p for a 20g single pack and £2.49 for a five-bag multipack and Bear Nibbles, in Mango Pineapple and Strawberry Cherry varieties at 69p for a 30g bag.