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person reading for petrol pump

Getting a grip on illnesses

Drivers are being urged to wear gloves when refuelling to avoid getting – or passing on – flu, Covid and other serious illnesses found on forecourt pump handles.

Omicron gone at the pump

HAND hygiene brand GripHero has been calling on forecourt retailers to protect their customers from the Omicron variant by installing the brand’s hand protection dispenser.
Griphero mounted handwash dispenser

Hygiene at the charging point

Forecourt hygiene solution provider GripHero has launched a new campaign aimed at raising of the hygiene risks electric vehicle (EV) drivers face.

E10 petrol preparation

A NEW clear-top nozzle-mounted hand dispenser has been created by GripHero.
GripHero hand protection dispenser

Helping hand protection

Forecourt hygiene equipment provided GripHero has been offering its dispensers free of charge to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

A hero of health and safety

Griphero has won a silver award at a prestigious health and safety awards ceremony .
Grip Hero

GripHero rolls out

GripHero’s dispenser aims to provide that hand protection service, and has now been installed for the first time at a UK forecourt

Handy cover at the pump

Dispenser attracts interest from across Europe