Hygiene at the charging point

Griphero mounted handwash dispenser

FORECOURT hygiene solution provider GripHero has launched a new campaign aimed at raising of the hygiene risks electric vehicle (EV) drivers face.

The campaign highlights research conducted by Busbud which found evidence of infective bacteria, with the capacity to make users ill.

According to the research, electric charging points are particularly prone to hosting yeast, which can cause skin infections.

GripHero also reported that over 5% of the bacteria found by Busbud was ‘gram-negative’. Gram-negative bacteria tends to be antibiotic resistent and can cause deadly infections such as meningitis and pneumonia.

Oli Yeo, inventor and MD of GripHero, said his firm’s hand protection dispenser can serve as a hygienic solution for charge point users.

“By providing customers with easily accessible hand-protection, the issue of sickness or contaminant transfer is dealt with.

“That’s because hand-protection creates an immediate barrier between skin and external surface that prevents illness and germs as well as undesirable or dangerous substances from being transferred between drivers who touch the same surface for significant periods of time.

“Installing hand-protection dispensers is a simple and easy step to protecting motorists in the new post-covid world where the emphasis has to be building back better,” he said.