A hero of health and safety


GRIPHERO has won a silver award at a prestigious health and safety awards ceremony.

The firm only launched its nozzle-mounted hand-protection dispenser in October last year, but took home second place at Tomorrow’s Health & Safety Awards.

Griphero’s recyclable hand protection design was praised for its innovative response to the germs that can be found on fuel pump handles.

Oli Yeo, managing director and the designer of Griphero, said: “This is a fantastic achievement for Griphero, especially since the product was only rolled out in October.

“For us, this recognition highlights the positive impact of Griphero, which not only helps drivers’ limit the risk of coming into contact with dirty or contaminated fuel handles on a daily basis, but which also prevents the risk of ignition in the refuelling zone through use of the world’s first anti-static hand-protection material in our dispensers.

“Each and every day Griphero is being installed in more forecourts across the UK, taking a step towards creating a safer, cleaner environment for the public.”