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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Tag: Blu

Retailer showing blu vape

Making vaping work in c-stores

Vaping is big business for many c-store retailers, while others are yet to make the category work for their store.

Pod vapes brands are flying high

Ease of use and flexibility are fuelling growth for pod-mod vape systems
Blu retailer

Training is key to category success

Brands agree: knowledge vital to vaping customers

Vaping can soar in store

As more and more adult smokers make the switch, opportunities open up for convenience retailers
Blue Retailer

Training is key to category success

Brands agree: knowledge vital to vaping customers

Millions board the e-cig train

Growing numbers want simple options
Blu starter kit

Still plenty of room to grow

Around 8% of UK adults now vape according to Kantar Worldpanel figures produced by Blu
Vaping product range

Taking stock of e-cigs

The UK vaping market continues its stratospheric rise in popularity

An intense new liquid

Electronic cigarette brand Blu has introduced a new nicotine solution to its range

Quitting by vape looks to be safe

Two-year study finds no evidence of harm.

Taking the vape offer up a notch

Customer experience crucial to category

Potential in EU law

VAPING is worth £16.4m in Scotland according to electronic cigarette brand Blu. And with the £168m market across the UK showing 10% growth last year,...

Legal limits good for future sales

EUROPEAN legislation due to come into effect in May this year is a positive step forward for the vaping category, says Jennifer Roberts, UK...

Prepare for the new generation

UNDER UK law that follows the EU directive known as EUTPD2, from 20 May 2017 it will be illegal in the UK to sell...

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