Legal limits good for future sales

EUROPEAN legislation due to come into effect in May this year is a positive step forward for the vaping category, says Jennifer Roberts, UK category controller at blu.

New EU legislation will make it necessary to have warnings of the addictive nature of nicotine covering 30% of the two biggest faces of the pack for an e-cigarette product.

The legislation will make it illegal to sell non-compliant vaping products and brings in new restrictions on the sale of tobacco at the same time as the UK government’s plain pack legislation comes into force.
Roberts said: “The legislation should help to boost consumer confidence in the category.
“At blu we believe vaping regulation is necessary to ensure smokers have access to high quality products and information they can trust.
“This will give consumers the confidence to adopt vaping products over tobacco.”
The key changes created by the legislation, according to Roberts are: nicotine health warnings must be included on the two largest pack sides,  covering 30% of each surface;  liquid bottles must be a maximum of 10ml; cartridge refills and clearomisers can only hold up to a maximum of 2ml; and liquids must be produced free of specific additives.
Another stipulation is that devices must give consistent doses.
Roberts added: “In countries where regulators and public health bodies have invested time researching and debating the science around vaping, many have concluded that vaping products are significantly less harmful than smoking.”
To make the most of the e-cigarettes category, advice from blu includes making your stock visible, with a freestanding display if possible, offering promotions, stocking a variety of products including open systems and tobacco liquid and flavoured liquids at different strengths and stocking the best selling brands.
Roberts said almost 30% of shoppers say they would choose to shop elsewhere if a store doesn’t offer  their fist choice vaping brand.