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Tag: Aston Manor

Fit drinks formats to customers says Aston Manor

Aston Manor aims to keep the drinks range more convenient for consumers by matching the demand for any occasion through a variety of formats.

Tin cider formats are on to a winner Aston Manor says

Aston Manor points to the value presented to consumers with a variety of formats across the cider category including can as well as larger bottle formats.
boxes of cider

Cider trends for nights at home

LOCKDOWN may be an increasingly distant memory, but some pandemic trends have staying power.
Frosty Jack’s and Crumpton Oaks

Tonnes of plastic gone

ASTON Manor Cider has been rolling out new packs made from 100% recycled plastic while removing plastic rings from its entire can range.
Frosty Jack's Frose

Frosty adds strawberries

Aston Manor launches limited edition ASTON Manor has taken inspiration from the summer sunshine for its latest Frosty Jack’s launch. Targeted at 18 to 35-year-old consumers,...

Apples make a comeback

Premium bottles and cans on trend

Cider predicted to sparkle again

UK shoppers spend £1.06bn a year on off sales cider and perry and 12% of that is spent in Scotland, according to the latest...

Packs going premium

INDEPENDENT cider maker, Aston Manor, has repacked its Kingstone Press and Knights brands. The Kingstone Press makeover is designed to give the brand a more...

Adding winter to core sales?

FESTIVE sales opportunities start early and continue longer than you might think for one of Scotland’s big cider providers. “The Christmas season constitutes a full...
Berry latest

Berry latest – Aston Manor adds new flavour

ASTON Manor has become the latest cider brand to use the fruits of summer by adding a wild berry flavour to its Kingstone Press...