Cider trends for nights at home

Aston Manor on how to make the BNI bear fruit

boxes of cider
Aston Manor reckons consumers will welcome the chance to try something new.

LOCKDOWN may be an increasingly distant memory, but some pandemic trends have staying power.

Months spent entertaining at home led some consumers to experiment with their drinking repertoire and Calli O’Brien, head of marketing at Aston Manor, reckons that behaviour is still impacting current off sales shopper behaviour.

“From loved favourites such as Crumpton Oaks Apple Cider, through to branching out from wine into perry with our ‘new look’ Chardolini, consumers welcome the chance to try something new at home and opportunities like the big night in are times where they are more likely to explore different options.

“We expect this approach to continue so retailers need to ensure they offer a variety of chilled drinks for consumers to buy, take home, and enjoy straight away,” she said.
Another pandemic trend, greater sales for larger pack formats, also looks set to stick.

O’Brien suggested that multipacks such as Aston Manor’s Crumpton Oaks’ four-pack pint cans, should cater to this demand. Price marked at £4 for four pints, O’Brien said the multipack offers shoppers “award-winning taste with unbeatable value.”

Communicating value will be key across categories this winter. As shoppers are forced to tighten their belts, O’Brien suggested the affordability that Aston Manor’s portfolio offers shoppers should see its brands perform well.

“We are here for shoppers, helping them to save with our affordable cider, allowing them to focus their spend on what really matters.

“Our range provides shoppers with an affordable solution, without trading down on quality, so they can be assured they are not compromising when needing to spend a little less cash on cider,” she said.

Size isn’t everything when it comes to pack formats. Materials also make a difference within cider, as O’Brien explained.

“A third of shoppers only ever buy cider in cans so it is important that retailers stock both bottles and cans to provide choice for consumers.

“Frosty Jack’s and Crumpton Oaks Cider come in both pack formats and we recommend retailers dual stock plastic bottled products alongside cans, to help attract more customers into stores,” she said.

Aston Manor uses 100% recycled PET bottles across its entire Frosty Jack’s and Crumpton Oaks ranges and has removed plastic ring carriers from its full can range, including Frosty Jack’s and Knights cider.

Frosty Jacks cans
Aston has cut plastic across its range.