Frosty adds strawberries

Aston Manor launches limited edition

Frosty Jack's Frose
Aston Manor said it has been increasingly focusing on cans to improve its sustainability.

ASTON Manor has taken inspiration from the summer sunshine for its latest Frosty Jack’s launch.

Targeted at 18 to 35-year-old consumers, the limited-edition Frosty Jack’s Frosé sees Aston Manor infuse strawberry flavour into its Frosty Jack’s cider.

Available exclusively through Bestway, the new 4% ABV cider is available in 440ml cans.

Aston Manor said it has opted to focus on cans for releases as part of a drive for improved sustainability. The cider maker highlighted online research from Dohler, which found that recyclable/reusable packaging was important for 49% of consumers.

The launch of Frosty Jack’s Frosé follows on from packaging changes for the brand’s bottled formats, which are now made from 51% recycled plastic.

Grace Anthony, brand manager for Frosty Jack’s at Aston Manor Cider, said: “We are excited to introduce a new strawberry flavour to the Frosty Jack’s brand.

“We believe the sweet Frosé is an unexpected variation on what is already a well-known and popular cider.

“We anticipate high levels of demand from young adults willing to ‘crack open the unexpected’ and try something new.

“The flavour of strawberry is synonymous with the summer and sunshine, and we’ve spent time developing a delicious liquid for fans of flavoured cider to enjoy in the summer and beyond.

“Through the extensive distribution reach of Bestway, the coming months will be an ideal time for independent retailers across the UK to drive sales with this innovative new product.”