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Monday, August 8, 2022
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Tag: Allied Bakeries

Child eating sandwich

Bread still a big hitter for stores

There are plenty of alternatives out there but, when it comes to the school lunchbox, the sandwich is still king.

The upper crust

Bread brand Allinson’s has launched a new premium white loaf .
Kingsmill packaging

Recyclable bread bags

Allied Bakeries is placing a new ‘please recycle me’ logo on all of its bread bags to encourage consumers to recycle their plastic wrapping

Seeds of change

ALLIED Bakeries, the company behind Kingsmill, has launched Kingsmill Super Seeds, a new everyday seeded loaf.

Scots buy more bread

SCOTTISH shoppers make on average two trips a week to buy bread products which is 10 more trips over the course of the year...

A love affair with bread

Time to reawaken the passion IT’S time to make the nation fall in love with bread again according to Kingsmill brand owner Allied Bakeries, and...

Proposing a toast

Kingsmill aims to help consumers find new possibilities for a breakfast favourite Bread has been a staple of British households for as far back as...

More than just toast

WHAT is breakfast without toast? For many people, rushing out to face the day, toast, apparently, is essential. But, according to Allied Bakeries, while...

Putting bread in the box

PRICE wars and changing shopper habits are presenting challenges to wrapped bread sales according to Warburtons, but the bakery giant says its focus is...

Baking an alternative society

Bread and bakery goods provide some of the staple basics of the Scottish diet, they form one of the everyday essential categories that remain...

A sandwich evolution

With school summer holidays coming to an end parents will be thinking about what to give the kids for school lunch. But lunchboxes also...

Thin rolls add sales weight

The most popular lunch in the UK is the sandwich according to Allied Bakeries. But the firm says that  people also want variety in their...

Plan to cash in

THE UK bakery market is huge, worth £3.8bn, and purchasing bakery products is the third most common reason that people visit c-stores, so it’s...

Massive backing for alternatives

BREAD giant Allied Bakeries is putting its money where it reckons the market’s mouth is. It has ploughed £8.4m worth of investment into its Glasgow...

Bread gets a modern makeover

DADS and bread are pretty much the same, right? Well they are according to Allied Bakeries brand Kingsmill. Its new ad campaign features Cold...

Bread of life – Bakery goods key to lunchtime

SOME 61% of children take a lunchbox to school, and the average person consumes 133 sandwiches each year, so bakery products are clearly an...