Thin rolls add sales weight

The most popular lunch in the UK is the sandwich according to Allied Bakeries. But the firm says that  people also want variety in their meals and snacks.

And it has launched Kingsmill Sandwich Thins to meet that demand.


Category director Martin Garlick said: “A Kingsmill Sandwich Thin is a soft, pre-sliced thin roll, available in white, 50/50 and new wholemeal at just 99 calories each.

“An £8.4m investment has been committed to the development of the product on top of a significant and sustained marketing campaign that aims to capitalise on the growth opportunities that exist within the segment.

“Allied Bakeries recognises that innovation must both inspire consumers and meet their needs.

“In Scotland, the sandwich thins category has seen 37%  growth.

“The healthier bakery sector has grown 10.6%  in the last five years, representing a huge opportunity for retailers.”

Allied Bakeries says its launch last year of added-fibre loaf Kingsmill Great
White stemmed the decline of white bread sales and achieved the highest repeat purchase of any bread launch to date.