The upper crust

allisons-sourdough-breadBREAD brand Allinson’s has launched a new premium white loaf.

Allinson’s Serious White with Sourdough, which replaces the firm’s Serious White brand, is rolling out in distinctive paper packaging to help it stand out from its competitors.

The new loaf contains 12% rye and wheat sourdough, which allows consumers to enjoy a fuller sourdough flavour in a  bread that can be eaten every day.

Matthew Cullum, director of marketing at Allied Bakeries said: “As a brand offering premium, high quality ingredients, Allinson’s continues to build on the surge in popularity we have seen for premium breads.”

“Since launching our new-look Allinson’s in 2017, the brand has performed exceptionally well and has been the fastest growing brand in bread and bakery with volume up 25% year on year.”

Serious White with Sourdough has an RRP of £1.35 for a 550g loaf.