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Friday, September 17, 2021
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Highland Spring bottles

Big plastic promise

HIGHLAND Spring has committed to packaging its entire range in 100% rPET by 2025.
Plastic rings were removed from Budweiser, Bud Light and Stella Artois packs.

Budweiser bolsters eco-credentials

Brewing good for the planet
Refill station

Refill station reduces waste

A LONDON Nisa store has been offering customers a more eco-friendly way to fill their cupboards
BrewDog Make Earth Great Again signs

Sustainable investment

Spending millions to slash carbon
Ruth Forbes

Sustainability focus for tobacco giant

Ruth Forbes of JTI on the firm’s environmental activities
Carling 4 pack with card packaging

Ringing the changes

MOLSON Coors Beverage Company has not stood still when it comes to cutting plastic, as the firm looks to reduce its impact on the environment
Ribena is just one of Suntory’s soft drinks brands to undergo sustainable changes

Eco-activity is racing ahead

Suntory drives change across brands

Building from the ground up

Chocolate brand Ritter Sport has made a major sustainability commitment, pledging to use paper packaging across its entire portfolio by 2025

Quorn focuses on environmental impact with new marketing push

Encouraging shoppers of all backgrounds to choose meat-free options – while highlighting the environmental impact of reducing meat consumption – is the focus of the latest Quorn campaign

Highland Spring puts weight behind sustainability

In Perthshire, sustainability is already a key focus for Highland Spring Group, and the bottled water manufacturer has taken major steps to reduce its impact on the natural world

Eco focus in Glasgow

New store ‘Neighbourhood’ offers grocery staples ranging from flour and grains to body care and home cleaning products – without plastic packaging
Brewdog carbon negative business

Aberdeenshire-based brewery makes big climate commitment

While many businesses continue to pursue carbon neutrality, BrewDog has committed to operating as a ‘carbon negative’ business
Persil recyclable new pack

Cleaning up the pack

Persil has a new pack, which is now 100% recyclable
News UK paper band packaging

Times mags are ditching the plastic

News UK, the publisher behind The Sun and The Times, has introduced a new paper band solution aimed at tackling plastic waste
Highland Spring eco bottle

New campaign for Highland Spring

Highland Spring has put sustainability front and centre of its latest marketing campaign
NcNean recycled clear glass packaging

New malt, reused glass

Scottish distillery Nc’Nean has released a single malt whisky in 100% recycled clear glass packaging

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