Hitting the right spot

Peterhead coffee stand

COFFEE to go has become a real hot topic for convenience retailers in the last couple of years, with many discovering the benefits a coffee machine can bring to their business.

But while most conversations on the subject are likely to focus on which brand to get or the cost, it is the placement of the machine within the store that can make all the difference – as Peterhead retailer Garry Haigh recently found out, during his store’s refit.

“The coffee machine, previously, was located behind the counter and was doing about 40 or 50 cups a day,” he said.

“During the refit, we brought it out front onto the shop floor and it has now gone up to 140 cups a day. It’s more or less tripled.

“It was exactly the same coffee machine behind the counter, but people had to come and ask. Because it’s on the shop floor, alongside local cakes, it’s much more popular.”

While other brands were suggested during the conversion to KeyStore More, Garry decided to stick with Tchibo, which he says is not only good quality coffee but highly profitable for his business.

He said: “I like Tchibo. With the way it’s set up, I pay £25 a day for the machine and all my ingredients, everything. If I sell 14 cups a day, everything else is pure profit. I’m now making £45-50,000 a year through coffee alone.”