A taste of home

CONFECTIONERY is a huge international industry but Scotland has some impressive home-made sweets success stories.
Greenock-based Golden Casket’s main brands include £Onepounders, Buchanans and Millions. The Buchanans brand is sold mainly through multiples while £Onepounders are private retail only – Millions is sold through both channels.

Millions sweets in cash and carry_1
The company has invested heavily in new machinery and factory expansion recently, to be able to enter new parts of the market.
Golden Casket Group sales and marketing director Sandra Fisher said: “We pride ourselves on the high quality of all our confectionery ranges – it’s all about taste so we use the best of ingredients and flavours plus we are lucky to have the few hand-striping craftsmen and sugar boilers there are left.
“ Choice is also important – in our £Onepounder range we have over 70 lines across boilings, toffees, fudges, chews, mints and gummy.
“Millions the tiny tasty chewy sweets have seven flavours and raft of pack formats with two massive launches planned for 2016 and also a new mix of flavours on offer.”