Golden Casket spreads sweetness to scammed families

Greenock confectioner offers scammed families a sweeter experience

Carly Rae, marketing manager at Golden Casket, is out to turn lemons in lemon sherbet as the sweets firm offers scammed families who attended the Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience a complimentary sweetie bundle.

FAMILY-run confectionery business Golden Casket is on a mission to give back to those families whose plans of a Willy Wonka Experience went wonky.

After families’ hopes of a true chocolate factory experience were dashed and proved something more of a chocolate fakery, Golden Casket said it’s now out to turn those lemons into lemon sherbets by offering scammed families a complimentary bundle of sweets.

While providing a raft of social media entertainment – complete with the world’s saddest Oompa Loompa and an Unknown surprise – the event saw plenty of families scammed out of pocket after organiser House of Illuminati charged up to £35 for tickets.

Any person who has a ticket for the event or a receipt from the Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience can claim this bundle from the firm, known for its Millions, Buchanan’s and All Rounders By Buchanan’s sweets, the latter of which just rolled out under a rebranded name.

To claim the bundle, eligible consumers can contact Golden Casket via the email and provide proof to the confectioner’s customer service team.

A spokesperson for Golden Casket said: “Despite not being responsible for the recent hiccups, Golden Casket is here to sprinkle a little sweetness and brighten up your sweetie-filled memories.

“In the spirit of goodwill, Golden Casket proudly presents the Sweet Redemption Offer!

“If you’ve got a ticket or receipt from the Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience, we want to treat you to a complimentary sweetie bundle. Just our way of softening the blow and keeping the joy of sweeties alive from one sweetie business to another!”

Carly Rae, marketing manager at Golden Casket, said: “We may not be responsible for the Willy Wonka mishaps, but we sure know how to make things sweet again. Let’s turn those memories into something a bit more special.”