Mackie’s of Scotland offers frozen treats advice

Ice cream firm highlights factors convenience retailers should consider when stocking freezers for summer

Flavours, formats and provenance should all be considered for the freezer range, says Mackie's of Scotland.
Flavours, formats and provenance should all be considered for the freezer range, says Mackie’s of Scotland.

WHILE the warm weather and the sun may be rare sights in Scotland, those summer days are surely coming our way.

When the temperatures do finally start to rise, many consumers see this as an opportunity to treat themselves and, more often than not, a sweet solution from the freezer is almost always on the cards.

That makes the ice cream category one well worth stocking up on for plenty of convenience store owners and Mackie’s of Scotland reckons it’s just the brand needed to deliver on this.

Chris Law, national account manager at Mackie’s of Scotland, said: “Currently, the Scottish dairy ice cream market is experiencing positive growth, with a 7% increase in volume sales and a 13.2% increase in market value year-over-year.

“Frozen products, specifically ice cream, are performing well in Scottish convenience stores, which can be attributed to these positive increases.

“Retailers can capitalise on this growth by ensuring they stock a variety of ice cream products that align with current market trends.

“This includes local brands, unique flavours and formats that have shown an increase in sales in 2023, such as one and two-litre size tubs.”

With the Aberdeenshire firm offering a range of ice cream flavours including Traditional, Honeycomb and Raspberry Ripple – to name a few – along with the known provenance of the brand, Mackie’s certainly stands as a strong contender for that limited freezer space for convenience store retailers.

Law said: “Key shopper missions currently include the demand for convenience, the desire for indulgent treats, and the interest in trying new and local products.

“Retailers can meet these demands by offering a range of products that cater to quick meals, special treats and local preferences.”

And staying up to date with the most popular flavours in the sector will prove fruitful for store owners, according to Mackie’s, with its own Honeycomb variant proving a popular addition to stores across the whole of the UK.

In fact, the firm has reported that Tesco has boosted its own distribution for the variant by adding it to more than 500 of its stores south of the border, proving a clear demand for the variant across the board.

With this in mind, Mackie’s has encouraged more retailers to consider its ice cream range as part of multibuy solutions in stores – as HFSS restrictions are still yet to come into effect for Scotland.

This should make for a popular option for those big night in opportunities for consumers who may be seeking a more affordable way to treat themselves and a loved one this summer.

Law said: “Retailers can generate link sales in their frozen range by creating meal deals or promotions that pair ice cream with other dessert items or complementary products such as toppings or apple pie, for example.

“Multibuy deals on ice cream can encourage customers to purchase more, increasing overall basket spend.

“In instances where households want varying flavours, or they are willing to purchase multiple frozen products to stock up their freezer, multibuy within brand ranges work well.”