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Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Tag: Swizzels

Drumstick chocolate

A twist on a classic treat

Chocolate has been booming during the pandemic – and Derbyshire-based confectioner maker Swizzels has been tapping into demand by bringing a classic brand into the category.
drumstick chocolate

Chocolate to chew on

Swizzels has added some chocolate to the mix with its latest Drumstick launch.

Keeping on top of confectionery trends

Sugar confectionery had a bit of a shake up in 2020 with Covid-19 restrictions leading to more consumers shopping locally and spending more time at home
Swizzles puds vegan

Vegan confectionery helps growth

Vegan can be sweet. That’s the view of sugar confectionery manufacturer Swizzels.
tub of sweets

Sharing the festive joy

Christmas represents one of the biggest opportunities on the calendar for the sugar confectionery category

Shaping up to be a real treat

Swizzels is all set for Halloween
Mr Swizzels

Sweet treats on the telly

Swizzels is back on the small screen with a new national TV campaign to support the launch of its Great British Puds pack.

Staying home is big business

Brands weigh in on lockdown trends and their effects on the big night in
Swizzels sweets

Price-mark for classic sweets

New £1 PMP for confectionery classics
Swizzels puds sweets

Fan flavour hits shelves

The public has spoken and now Swizzels has rolled out a new hanging-bag variant chosen by fans.

Not hanging for very long

Shoppers snapping up bagged confectionery at a rapid rate
purple advert, family and dog

Night in prize for retailers

SWEET manufacturer Swizzels is running a promotion that gives retailers the chance to win their ultimate big night in essentials.

Value driving impulse sales

CONFECTIONERY brands have been putting their weight behind price-marked packs
Swizzels Spring Selection

Variety is the spice of spring

Swizzels is gearing up for Easter 2020 with the launch of a new Spring Selection variety bag.
Swizzels trick or sweet

Frighteningly good sweets

Swizzels is prepared for a spooktacular Halloween 2019.
Sweets confectionery

Need to know for sales to grow

If you want to thrive in retail then its crucial to keep an eye on trends – particularly when it comes to the big hitting categories like confectionery.