Swizzels has a Marvellous new Mallow launch

Confectioner grows its marshmallow offering

Advert for Swizzels Marvellous Mallows countline product with a pink and purple background with stars with a yellow bubble with the word New inside it.
Swizzels has marked its first new expansion in its Marvellous Mallows range with its new Countlines product, the first new launch since 2022.

SUGAR confectionery firm Swizzels has expanded on its Marvellous Mallows line-up with the introduction of its new Mallow Countline.

Marvellous Mallow Countline makes the most out of the firm’s popular Drumstick flavour of Raspberry and Milk with a blend of light and soft textures that has been created as an on-the-go option for consumers.

To coincide with the launch, Swizzels has launched an “engaging” social media campaign which aims to further drive sales in stores by raising consumer awareness.

Product shots of Swizzels Marvellous Mallows countlines.
The new Marvellous Mallows Countline aims to cater to the on-the-go demand.

This marks the latest launch in Swizzels’ Mallows line-up since the brand launched the range in 2022, which was the first time that the confectioner had entered the marshmallow category in its 90 year history.

The new Drumstick-flavoured Mallows Countlines are available for purchase now with an RSP of 50p per single pack.

Swizzels is anticipating a high demand for this new launch as well and has urged retailers to stock up on the range. This comes after the sweet maker reported that the overall mallows category has seen a spurt of growth lately, with Circana data for the year to 12 May noting an increase of 29% in value sales.

Clare Newton, trade marketing manager at Swizzels, said: “We’ve noticed a growing trend among consumers who are rediscovering their appreciation for single confectionery items.

“We’ve responded to this by creating our Mallows Countline to cater to changing consumer needs and preferences.

“This launch of our new product marks an exciting time for Swizzels’ single confectionery offering.

“We’re urging retailers to stock up on our Mallows Countlines in anticipation of increased consumer demand for the new product.”