Swizzels drives the sweeter commuter route

Confectioner aims for shoppers chewing on the go

Swizzels is set to capitalise on those sweet-toothed, on-the-go, busy consumers.
Swizzels is set to capitalise on those sweet-toothed, on-the-go, busy consumers.

SWEET-TOOTHED shoppers looking for something to munch on while they are out and about should be covered by the selection from Swizzels.

That’s what the confectioner reckons, at least, as the firm is set to drive on this demand for on-the-go sweeties and cater to these consumers.

Clare Newton, trade marketing manager at Swizzels, said: “One trend we anticipate will significantly influence the category this year is the increasing preference for on-the-go snacking.

“Convenience remains a priority for consumers, particularly with the growing prevalence of on-the-go lifestyles.”

Aiming to make the most of this opportunity, Swizzels has once again launched its Big Night In campaign, which will offer consumers the chance to win from a selection of the brand’s sugary delights, with one lucky winner set to scoop £1000 as part of the promo.

Additionally, the firm is set to roll out more NPD as the year goes on, with its new Mallows Countlines coming this month as well as a new addition in its Drumstick Squashies range, with the new Strawberry & Cream Squashies flavour set to launch in May of this year.

Newton said: “At-home family and social occasions have been growing in importance, making our hanging bags and tubs grow in popularity as they contain a selection of well-loved sweets with something for everyone.

“Sweets are fairly well-protected from the cost-of-living crisis and are seen as an affordable way to treat yourself.”

Sweeties remain buoyant, says Scottish insights expert

Andrew Niven, of The Knowledge Bank.
Andrew Niven, of The Knowledge Bank.

DESPITE inflationary concerns, the UK’s confectionery market remains a buoyant one, according to the latest insights from The Knowledge Bank.

The research body claims that confectionery sales across the whole of the UK are worth £7.1billion, representing a 14.8% rise in sales. This highlights that, despite prices, consumers can’t resist picking up a packet of their favourite sweets.

Andrew Niven, strategic market intelligence manager at The Knowledge Bank, said: “Innovation within this category continues to appeal to customers, with new flavours, variations of existing products, seasonal and novelty offerings performing particularly well for retailers.

“Old favourites continue to sell well, too, while fudge and tablet sales have seen an increase in sales value and volume sales, bucking the trend within the wider British confectionery market.

“This is more pronounced in Scotland, where sales and volume have risen 15.1% and 5.3% respectively.”