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Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Tag: Rockstar Energy

All the energy with no sugar

ENERGY brand Rockstar has launched a no sugar alternative.
Rockstar XD Power

Rocking out with a new flavour

As the energy drinks category continues to grow, releasing NPD is a key way for brands to ensure they remain relevant to consumers.

A new star of gaming

Rockstar Energy has teamed up with Xbox to launch an on-pack promotion for the release of new game Gears 5 .

Putting a twist on energy drinks

Rockstar Twister offers a full flavour hit at only 25 calories per 100ml
Monster Ultra Citron, Boost Sugar Free and Lucozade Zero Original are among the sugar-free variants currently being championed by energy drink firms.

High energy, low in sugar

ACROSS the soft drinks category, sugar has been the big story of recent years and demand for low and no-sugar options has sky-rocketed. Energy drinks...

Time to level up

With an explosion of new brands, variants and sizes in recent years, the energy drinks market offers a huge amount of choice to consumers...

Guilt free energy in the can

THE Rockstar range of energy drinks has been further expanded with the launch of two new sugar free variants. Rockstar Revolt is a the new...

A new kind of energy

ENERGY drink brand Rockstar has added two new flavours. The zero-sugar Rockstar Revolt comes in 500ml cans in  Killer Citrus and Killer Cooler varieties. Adrian Troy,...

Water with a plus point

MAIN new product development so far this year on the AG Barr-marketed  Rockstar brand has been the  launch of what the Irn-Bru owner sees...