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27% of retailers are concerned about employee theft of stock and 14% list employee theft of cash as a concern, according to the Retail Fraud Survey.

Employee theft moves up the list – Security focus

ARE stores seriously affected by criminal activity carried out by staff? A study published recently by consultancy firm Retail Knowledge, sponsored by a cash security...
Nick Slater, Nisa business manager.

Back to deals – Nisa looking to offer value

WHOLESALE and symbol store group Nisa has been working to ensure members can provide a competitive back-to-school offer. In particular, it says, it has been...
New HQ is in the bag

The nation’s thirst for fizz – Soft drinks

AS Mark Thomson’s analysis on page 40 pointed out, Scottish consumers are very keen on soft drinks. And soft drinks is certainly a category where...
Scottish food and drink fortnight

Scottish food and drink fortnight

Scottish food and drink has been highlighted as a potential powerhouse industrial sector for the nation’s future. Next month we all have a chance...
Ross Kerr, director of the SGF Healthy Living Programme. He spent much of his career in crisps and snacks sales and marketing and says many FMCG brands would envy the retailer use of POS material that the programme has achieved.

New foods set to get with the programme

Ross Kerr is director of the SGF Healthy Living Programme, which has just received new Scottish Government funding. Patrick Duffy found out more. The sg...
Till point sweets under threat?

Till point sweets under threat?

Draft government policy asks retailers and caterers to remove all confectionery from point of sale SCOTLAND’S retailers, including convenience store operators, look set to be...