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natures finest mango

NPD coming soon

Nature's Finest is hoping to tap into increasing demand for healthier snack options, teasing a programme of NPD to come later this year.

A sweet bit of support

Potted fruit brand Nature’s Finest is teaming up with Mental Health UK to help increase consumer awareness and raise funds for the charity
Nature's Finest Peach in Juice 220g pots

Fruity NPD for 2019

FRUITY snack brand Nature’s Finest is looking to capitalise on demand for healthier options this year by expanding its range.
Family eating vegetables

On a health kick

There’s a ways to go but Scotland’s national diet is evolving, and firms reckon this creates a chance for retailers to get ahead by adapting their offer
Nairns mimi cheese carton and bag, and Nature's Finest Pineapple

Snacking better

The question of what constitutes a ‘healthy’ snack is a tough one for shoppers as well as retailers

Make sense of snacking

Firms offer advice on broad category WHEN it comes to lunch, today’s consumer is faced with more choices than ever before, but so many SKUs...