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Value is key says Imperial Brands

Value remains a key focus in the tobacco category as Imperial Brands says that Scottish consumers are looking for a better-for-money option in the gantry.

Market News | Blu Bar, Haribo, Buzzballs, Bloo

Scottish Grocer showcases some new products that convenience store retailers might want to consider stocking to drive up sales.

Imperial Tobacco pushes RYO accessories

Imperial Tobacco's Tom Gully has been explaining how convenience retailers can drive roll your own sales by stocking a wide range of accessories.
Before and after: Imperial removed tobacco gantries following convictions.

Crime Doesn’t Pay

IMPERIAL Tobacco has relaunched its anti-illicit tobacco trade website as part of its ongoing ‘Suspect it? Report it!’ trade campaign.
Rizla Flavours Infusions in Menthol Chill and Mint

Beating the menthol ban

The new Rizla Flavour Infusions range will provide menthol shoppers with their preferred flavour
JPS Players

Price and brand key to success

BRAND loyalty and value are at the heart of a successful tobacco offer in this post-EU TPD2 landscape

Companies lose plain packs battle

The Court of Appeal has dismissed a case brought by some of Britain’s largest tobacco companies over the Westminster Government’s plain packaging rules. In its...