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Tag: Dentons

Seal of approval warrants concern

Alison Bryce, intellectual property and technology expert at Dentons UK discusses what implications the Queen’s death can have business.
Alison Weatherhead

Time to engage in open dialogue

Dentons advises employers to talk with staff
Karen Farrell

Holiday pay and part-year workers

Supreme Court ruling sets out entitlement rules
Aggie Salt Dentons

Hidden illnesses pose a problem

As public awareness of invisible illnesses, such as myalgic encephalomyelitis (more usually known as ME and chronic fatigue syndrome) and long Covid, grows so does their impact on employers and their workforces.
Laura Morrison

Spotlight on SSP after IPPR report

Could now be the time to reform sick pay in the UK?
Amy Gordon

Appeal decision affects holidays

Ruling has consequences for accumulated holiday pay, but potential for further action means issue isn’t settled
Elizabeth Bremner

Keeping abreast of redundancy rules

At the end of March, P&O Ferries hit the headlines attracting substantial outrage from politicians, trade unions and the public alike when it dismissed around 800 employees without notice, subsequently replacing them with agency workers.
Alison Weatherhead & Sarah Ingles Carlyle

Keeping abreast of immigration rules

From 6 April, new changes to UK right to work checks announced by the Home Office will come into force, but what does it mean for employers?
Computer screens

Staying vigilant in the digital age

Few business threats are as complex or difficult to guard against as cyber attacks.
Mark Hamilton

Staying mindful of discrimination law

Employers must keep in mind that, despite Brexit, employment tribunals must still interpret equality legislation in line with European Union law.

A year in review: major employment law events

Dentons legal expert Laura Morrison reviews 2021 and looks ahead to 2022.
Karen Farrell

New leave rights for unpaid carers

Employees who are also unpaid carers will be entitled to an additional five days’ unpaid leave.

Getting the right deal for your store

Dentons partner Stuart Fitzsimmons on how detail can make the difference in financial negotiations
Amy Gordon Denton Associate is smiling at the camera

Ensuring dismissal is handled well

Dentons associate Amy Gordon discusses the correct approach to dismissing an employee.

How to manage long Covid at work

Laura Morrison of Dentons discusses the ACAS’ new Covid-19 guidance
Elouisa Crichton

Keeping abreast of parental leave rules

Shared parental leave, and in particular enhanced pay during shared parental leave, has come under the spotlight again in a recent EAT decision: Price v. Powys County Council.