Bringing in choice

Sink your claws into alcohol free

TALONMORE Drinks Company has updated the look of its alcohol-free spirit brand of the same name.

The family-run business aims to meet the growing demand for reduced alcohol options across the market, with the firm citing that over eight million adults in the UK are seeking to reduce their alcohol intake. The drink is also suitable for vegans and is gluten-free.

Made using brewing methods over distilling, Talonmore uses a mix of rooted and plant-based ingredients, including ginger and cinnamon, in a bid to replicate spirit-strength drinks in a multitude of non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages.

Lewis Kennedy, managing director and founder of Talonmore Drinks Company, said: “Talonmore is all about offering choice. The popularity around alcohol-free serves is seeing a meteoric rise right now.

“We are so proud of our liquid and the versatility it brings to the table.

“Our new red foiling is designed to catch the eye of consumers looking at the back bar, or equally online, for a satisfying alternative to an alcoholic drink.”