Talonmore promotes health in new mocktail

Mushroom-infused mocktail solution for World Health Day

Talonmore Non-Alcoholic Spirit is out to highlight the health and wellbeing message behind its brand with its latest cocktail combination with mushroom supplement firm Antioxi.

COLDS, sniffles and coughs have plenty of consumers feeling miserable at the moment pushing them to look for some health supplements to strive off feeling under the weather.

Non-alcoholic spirit brand Talonmore is out to showcase the benefits that added benefits mocktails can have for shoppers looking to avoid the worst of a cold.

As such, the brand has teamed up with mushroom supplement specialist brand Antioxi to highlight the wellbeing opportunities that both brands present to consumers ahead of World Health Day – set to take place on 7 April.

The resulting mocktail has been dubbed the ‘Talonmore Roar’ and combines the fiery ginger-infused liquid with Antioxi Lion’s Mane powdered mushrooms in an unconventional take on the traditional Dark n Stormy cocktail.

Blended with tonic water and orange, the ingredients for the drink can be purchased via the Talonmore and Antioxi online stores so health enthusiasts can mix up the drink at home. The full recipe for the drink can be found at the end of this article.

Brewed with Scottish water and fired up with ginger and Assam tea, Talonmore contains key foods that have additional health benefits for plenty of consumers including prickly pear and hawthorn berry.

Additionally, the drive in the non-alcoholic spirits market could make this the perfect drink for plenty of ailing consumers out there looking for substitute for a Hot Toddy.

Lewis Kennedy, managing director at Talonmore Drinks Company, said: “Talonmore supports the independence of health and wellbeing.

“It’s easy to forget that we need to look after our health in order to be the best versions of ourselves.

“Antioxi’s ideology toward wellbeing is something our team really admires; the company’s extensive research and passion into the medicinal benefits of mushrooms really opened our eyes to what’s possible when creating new cocktails.”


Talonmore Roar recipe

50ml Talonmore NA Spirit
1 teaspoon of Antioxi Lion’s Mane
150ml light tonic water
Orange Wedge Garnish