Mixologist’s Garden is mixing it up in Tesco

Fruit garnish brand grows on its supermarket listings

Pack shots of Mixologist's Garden fruit garnishes including Whole Raspberries, Orange Half Slices and Lime Half Slices.
Freeze-dried fruit garnish brand Mixologist’s Garden has made its first listing in Tesco stores with the launch of three variants including its new Orange Half Slices.

FRUIT garnish brand Mixologist’s Garden has launched in Tesco stores across the UK with three variants for consumers the make the most out of.

The ready-to-use, freeze-dried fruit garnishes have been created to capitalise on the rising demand for the at-home cocktail, helping to add an extra dash of flair to the evening’s drinks.

The range comes in 10g pouches with variants including Lime Half Slices, Whole Raspberries and, the latest introduction to the brand, Orange Half Slices.

Available in clip-strips in the beer, wine and spirits aisle, the new resealable pouches come with an RRP of £2.50 each and contain the equivalent of approximately 100g of fresh fruit.

The brand also boasts a long shelf-life due to its freeze-dried nature with no need to refrigerate the items as well making it a convenient and easy way to help consumers to create bar-standard serves from the home.

The fruit garnishes also rehydrate quickly when in contact with liquid, helping to infuse the drinks with natural fruit flavours and aromas, according to Mixologist’s Garden.

Stuart Findlater, business director at Mixologist’s Garden, said: “As the trend for home bars continues, our research shows that 80% of consumers say they would garnish drinks at home if an easy solution was available, but they didn’t want the hassle of buying and preparing, and possibly wasting, fresh fruit.

“Mixologist’s Garden fruit garnishes effortlessly transform the appearance of almost any drink. Whether the serve is a classic or experimental cocktail, fizz, spirits or soft drinks – they’re the ultimate bar hack.

“More versatile than fresh fruit, we’re confident they’re going to be a popular addition to the Tesco shopping basket.”