Crumbs: Scots in the lead

Mark Thomson
Mark Thomson, business unit director, Kantar Worldpanel

GB take-home biscuit sales were worth £2.6bn and grew by 1.4% in the year to 14 September, Mark Thomson of Kantar Worldpanel told Scottish Grocer. Scots are big biscuit fans, sales north of the border are worth £279m and growing faster than total GB at 2.3%. Branded biscuits performed in line with the market, while own-label products grew faster, at 2.5%.

On average Scots spend more on biscuits in independent stores than GB shoppers, clocking up £17.44 each over the year.
83% of Scottish shoppers purchased chocolate biscuit bars that’s a 10% higher proportion than in GB overall. Scots shoppers spend £2.50 more per year on treat biscuits.
We clock up £16.20 a year on crispbreads and savoury biscuits. That’s 8.3% more than the £14.96 spent on average by shoppers in GB as a whole.